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C Ronaldo Exclusive - Nike Mercurial Vapor XI CR7 FG Top Football Shoes Reviews

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C Ronaldo Exclusive - Nike Mercurial Vapor XI CR7 FG Top Football Shoes Reviews



What I bring to you today is the Mercurial Vapor XI CR7 in the fourth chapter of the Ronaldo Assassin's "Make Great" series.


The upper material is made of Teijin microfiber upper. In order to improve the control of the ball during high-speed movement, a three-dimensional friction pattern is printed on the upper, similar to the friction strip of the Falcon 12. It is worth noting that the outer large LOGO is thermally bonded to the upper with a very thin PU, so don't worry about it being worn like a super top. The shoe has obvious directivity to the ball and strong control. But the touch feels not as direct as the previous generation Mercurial Vapor X, and the upper is harder.

Nike Mercurial Vapor XI FG Electric Green Black Flash Lime

Continue to use the integrated tongue on the Mercurial Vapor X, the overall package feels strong, the middle of the tongue is not elastic fabric, so the foot compatibility is greatly reduced, the foot width and the high back of the star is recommended not to try. Mercurial Vapor comes standard with ACC technology to ensure consistent performance in all weather conditions.


Mercurial Vapor XI adds a whole PU edge at the place where the forefoot is easy to open, so that the upper no longer sticks directly to the outsole, reducing the chance of opening and cracking the skin without affecting the overall appearance. This is Nike's thought. Changes made on Mercurial Vapor XI.


Most of Vapor XI's uppers are covered by Rib lines. It is very interesting from the touch feeling, but from the perspective of the touch effect, the performance of Rib technology is good. Nike's design is that these Rib areas (black areas of the upper) are made up of a few millimeters above the upper, which is designed to provide better dribbling during high-speed motion. However, in the actual test, although we did feel a good touch, Vapor X does not seem to be bad.

Nike Mercurial Vapor XI FG Black Orange White Soccer Cleats

Although there are Ribs lines, Vapor XI is still very direct in controlling the ball, which is one of the characteristics of modern Vapor. The shoes have also been further slimmed down, so the Teijin synthetic material feels really good when it stops and passes. In terms of shooting and long pass, VaporXI has no excitement, but as a weight-level football shoe, its performance is quite satisfactory. Shooting and passing are very clear. After all, the distance between your feet and the ball is only a few milliseconds, so your skill is the key to everything. As mentioned before, Ribs seems to bring a little buffer, whether it brings different feelings, it is already the top elite touch.


The heel is a single-peak N-shaped structure commonly used in speed sneakers to further enhance ankle flexibility. The built-in TPU protection cup design, the ultra-thin PU covering of the heel of the heel is used to minimize the weight. The PU lining has a good anti-slip effect and there is no obvious sliding feeling on the upper leg. However, the built-in Hong Kong treasure is a bit low, and the heel hardness is not enough, but it is enough as a speed shoe.

Nike Mercurial Vapor XI FG All Black Soccer Cleats

At the end of everyone's most concerned, the entire outsole uses ergonomic design to refer to the 360-degree fit of the shoe from the sole to the foot. It is obvious from the sole of the sole that there is a clear bulge. In fact, the foot clearly feels like the image is in a foot mold. Although it can't be 100% fit, the original gap is basically filled with the socks after putting on the socks. The feeling of wrapping on the feet is an unprecedented experience. The V-shaped starter nail has always been the signature stud of the Assassin series, and the V-shaped nail is the assassin. This generation of assassin outsole can be said to use the V-shaped nail to the extreme, the arrow can provide the maximum support of the outsole to prevent bruises; the forefoot provides a strong starting force forward and easily breaks through the line of defense.

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