Adidas X 16 Series Soccer Cleats Analysis

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Adidas' X line is a soccer cleats full of chaotic elements. In a combination of the essence of the original four series, attrition of Adidas did get everybody's attention, and the collection of the various long X series does seem a bit "chaos", today we will spend some time to learn more about AdidasX 16 all aspects of the whole series.

Contrast on the inside of the shoe:

In addition to the entry-level X 16.4, which USES the look of traditional sneakers, the other four pairs are fitted with Adidas Techfit collars. In addition, only X 16.3 and 16.4 pairs of shoes have black "X" on the inside, and the other "X" on the inside of the shoes adopt more complicated printing technology, which is higher in class.

Contrast on the outside of the shoe:

Despite being part of two different color suits, the X 16 sneaker has a new Adidas diagonal Logo on the outside, which is the most recognizable aspect of the shoe. After careful observation, it is not hard to find that X 16.1, 16.2 and 16.3 pairs of shoes have dark print on the vamp, which enhances the impact of the sneakers on the visual effect.

Contrast of vamp material:

In the entire Adidas X 16 family, Adidas X 16+ PureChaos has a very high status and belongs to the super top shoe style of our materials. Naturally, Adidas now has the best technology and the most advanced configurations. A chip of Techfit compression will synthetic material covered a lot of 3 d small particles (NSG, Non Stop Grip technology, used to improve shoes in the face of the friction force of the ball), and with irregular transverse grooves, feel is exquisite, is very sufficient elasticity.

Adidas X 16.1 is the use of the same Techfit compression will material, but it is a pity that no NSG particles in shoe cover, shoe has a transverse grooves, but the vamp in the soft degree than Adidas X 16 + hard, feel lost something.

AdidasX 16.2 while using the Techfit compression will fabrics vamp have transverse groove, but the feeling of touch shoe is a little loose, if not experience carefully, this shoe compared to 16.1 difference is not very great.

Adidas X 16.3 is made of synthetic material. The vamp is smooth and has some dark lines on it, but it does not improve actual combat performance.

The vamp of Adidas X 16.4 is a kind of artificial synthetic material similar to the texture of carbon fiber braided, which is thicker and has poor texture.

Contrast of the inside heel of the shoe:

All five pairs of shoes have the name of the shoe style and some of the technological elements (Techfit, NSG) used in the shoes, but there are significant differences in the workmanship and quality of the shoes with different grades.

X 16+, X 16.1 and X 16.2 all use the process of printing, and there is a significant difference between the simple printing process used by X 16.3 and X 16.4.

It is important to remind everyone that NSG technology is only available in the super top shoes, and the top shoes are not available.

Comparison of shoelace system:

The super top X 16+ is equipped with the gimmick PureCut Sock System, which has the function of shoelace hiding. Its purpose is to create a bigger hitting surface and prevent the shoelace from influencing the kick. But it's not without shoelaces. There's a shoelace system under the cover.

The tongue and vamp of both X 16.1 and X 16.2 are integrated with the Techfit collar. However, after careful observation, we found that the orange Techfit tongue of X 16.1 was shorter than that of X 16.2, but the difference in actual experience and actual combat effect should not be obvious.

Although X 16.3 is also a combination of collar and tongue, the shoelace hole area is not integrated into the entire tongue of the shoe, so the collar and tongue of X 16.3 are more like a built-in sock sleeve.

X 16.4 is the traditional independent tongue design.

Large bottom comparison:

Adidas' obsession with their own FG/AG is reflected in all of their 2016 shoe styles, but let's say this is actually the familiar FG.

If the previous FG/AG is an obvious combination of large granulated footwear and secondary auxiliary footwear.

X 16+ large bottom USES chromium-plated craft although it is visual effect greatly additional score, but easy to drop lacquer.

X 16.1 AG is an updated Adidas product this year.


Forehand contrast:

Regarding the outsole, we will divide it temporarily according to the type of shoe nail. X16 + and 16.2 are divided into group FG, X16.1 and X16.4 belong to group AG, and X 16.3 alone carry the banner of TF.

FG studs here first to see it is quite familiar, but careful observation, I found it is a variation of conical studs, this opened gouges where whole pieces were missing of conical studs is more aggressive than traditional conical studs, start with crescent in the middle of the nail, grip and mobility to be stronger. The maximum height of the front shoe nail is about 1.18cm.

AG group here is the combination of old and new alternate, X 16.1 is Adidas shoe nail, this year's new AG standard conical studs, small particles in different area is divided into three groups, shoes nails and nail between each other are linked. The overall stability is better. The old AG on X 16.4 is the familiar triangle shoe nail combination with relatively sharp shape, wear resistance, large distribution area and good adaptability to grass. The maximum height of the front paw of the new AG is about 0.83cm, while that of the old AG is about 0.68cm.


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